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Enjoy these Booty-Shaking Success Stories below!

These testimonials are not necessarily typical, but they do reflect people’s excellent success and joy with my Dance Programs. Enjoy!

Noga Vilozny“I’m a fellow dance teacher…Theresa’s teaching helped me free my boom-boom-boom…It’s my favorite thing lately, shaking my booty.

What I’ve learned has also helped me just have a lot more fun and feel really successful in Zumba class and on the dance floor…I feel so much more free in my body and I love shaking it. Thank you Theresa!”

--Noga Vilozny

Lauren's Booty-Shaking Success Story“After dancing with Theresa for a few days in a row, I was surprised that my body started moving in ways that I never thought it could move before. It was exciting and it felt good.

And it’s not just while I am doing the dance videos—when I am out in my real life, I feel like I am holding myself differently, walking differently, just more free and feminine and beautiful. And that is definitely a testament to the videos and Theresa.”


“Now I understand the movements I am doing in Zumba. I was just following but now they make sense. I am having a blast! And now I finally know how to shake my booty!



“These videos are not only a great workout, it’s also a HUGE stress reliever and makes you feel sexy! A confident woman is a sexy women, and this workout burns a ton of calories.

It’s actually considered HIT cardio helping you burn calories all day baby!

Have fun shaking that booty!”

–Flavia Del Monte, Fitness Model and creator of the Curvalicious Program

I wanted to get more moves in during my fast-paced Zumba classes, learn more about the sexy Samba, as well as lose a bit of weight. Since dancing with Theresa, I can move faster, I feel more fluid in my movements, I lost several pounds, and I have more range of motion in my body. Feeling more sexy and alive is an added benefit.” –Susan


“Because I’m new to dance, doing all the different moves has definitely opened up new muscles in my life…I love it! 

 I fit my clothes a lot better and I just want to show off my body. ”

–Thu Loan-Dinh

Brenna Rodriguez“With all this dancing I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I feel amazing. I feel great not because of what I lost but because of the energy and self-confidence I’ve gained. I am now completely addicted to dancing. I dance 3-4 times a week and practice yoga too. I feel wonderful.

I started going to a world dance and zumba class, and this past Tuesday the teacher had us shake our booty and I was shaking it so well she asked me to come up to the front of the class! Without your videos I could have never done that, or done that with such joy. That was a great feeling and I really have you to thank. You changed my life in a huge way and I want to continue moving my life in a positive direction.” –Brenna Rodriguez

Jena La Flamme“I had the honor of Theresa Stevens teaching Samba at my recent Pleasure Camp in San Francisco, and she was a huge hit! I’ve got so much great feedback from the group on how easily she brought them into experiencing Samba in their own body. Again, Samba being something that a lot of people would be intimidated by. How do you do all those booty-shaking moves?

Well Theresa breaks it down, simply, easily…so that the whole room was in ecstasy…if you’re looking for a pleasurable workout, a pleasurable fitness, I definitely recommend Theresa Stevens and her Samba teaching.”

--Jena La Flamme, Pleasurable Weight-Loss Expert


Christine Anderson

“I love feeling connected to my hips…I feel energized and sexy…And shaking my booty feels so good!” 

–Christine Anderson

Dr. Harlan Bieley, M.D. recommends Theresa’s dance program to those who are physically able, as an integral component of Losing Weight through Pleasure.

Dr. Bieley writes on his Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center website:

Dr. Harlan Bieley

“You’ve done all you can: tried the latest diets that your friends swear by, and read popular books – and you just cannot achieve weight loss! You wonder: Why am I not losing weight? Why is weight loss not happening? So, with an open mind and high hopes, you keep looking for ‘the way’. The one thing we have forgotten is this: we can achieve weight loss through pleasure instead of suffering!…

Do you feel like you are, ‘Stuck in a rut of sitting on your butt’? as Theresa Stevens is often quoted asking. Lose weight by dancing! Theresa further says, “As you love your body, your body will naturally become the body you love.’ Learn more about Theresa’s dance program here.

–Dr. Harlan C. Bieley, MD, President, Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center

“What a great booty shakin’ tutorial you’ve created! There are a lot of gifted dancers out there, but it takes someone really special to be a great teacher…you are both, Theresa!

And, Theresa, I’ve got to tell you, your JOY absolutely jumps through the screen and wraps your students in the biggest hug ever!” –Karen

Roy Paterson“Before, I was unable to shake my butt and I didn’t know how to dance in a social environment.

Now I have so much fun going out two nights in a row to dance!

If you want the sexiest shaking booty, you want to dance with Theresa!” –Roy Patterson

“Theresa, your dance videos are excellent. What impresses me is that a beginner dancer, like me, can easily learn to dance from them. 

Your style is simple, straight forward…and fun.” –Bertha

Tommy“Dancing with Theresa is quite a trip! I met Theresa a couple of years ago and have inspired to try to keep up with her ever since! (Important Note from Theresa: full disclosure, Tommy is my boyfriend too!)

No matter the situation, she definitely brings out the best in you when it comes to looking attractive, feeling good, and most importantly, having fun. It wasn’t long until I started to notice how good I felt dancing and how attractive I felt in my body. Not only that, I feel a strange passive attractiveness everywhere I go from complete strangers. Most importantly, the connection I feel with my body has helped me create a stronger connection in my personal romantic life. Thank you Theresa!”

–Tommy Wu, Men’s Fashion and Confidence Coach 

“Your dance videos are great for so many reasons. You can feel the dance movements really working those trouble spots…and it’s super fun, so you don’t have to wince your way though a sluggish workout. You just push ‘play’ and, before you know it, you’re soaking wet, well-exercised…and happy!

The best part though is that it is totally impossible to think about other things when you’re doing this dance! Anytime I’m feeling bummed, I just play one of your videos and I’m suddenly out of my head and into my body. What’s more, after a good, joy-inducing, booty-shaking workout, I feel much more prepared to deal with things…efficiently, effectively and with compassion.” –Katy

Amy Whitmyer“Before I took Therese’s program, I was very shy about dancing in public, I had many “issues” around my looks…During the program, I noticed very quickly how I began to “like” my body and my dancing. I literally “fell in love” with ME! It is the most liberating feeling I have ever had.”

–Amy Whitmyer


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