Want to Learn How to Samba Dance?

How to Samba Dance with Theresa StevensMy name’s Theresa Stevens. I’m a Samba Dance Teacher and a Booty-Shakin’ Expert. Are you ready to:

  • Learn how to Samba Dance with your Hips?
  • Have the Most Fun Dancing?
  • Feel Sexy & Confident in your Body?

Learn to Samba with your Hips!

‘Cause Samba Dance is not about complicated foot movements, it’s about learning how to dance…with your hips.

Why Samba Dance makes you say: “I want that!”

Well, first things first, Brazilian Samba music is an instant mood-lifter. The music can take you from a grumpy, frustrated, poopy mood and transport you to feeling totally alive, thankful, and joyful.

Samba music is like an express elevator ride up your emotions!

And Samba dance is an elegant, sexy, playful way to connect with your body and your beautiful, sexy, joyful self.

Theresa Stevens dancing with Shpongle

Getting ready to Dance Samba at Shpongle’s 2011 Halloween Show

What I love about Samba–and what I think makes me and a whole lot of people say, “I want that!” is that Samba flows together sensuality with the most flirtatious, joyful, playful energy.

Which is perfect–because that PLAYFUL energy will be your express elevator ride to learning how to dance Samba!

Otherwise–it could take you years of frustration, wondering–how do other dancers shake their hips and booty like that?


Playfulness is key to learning how to dance Samba!

Samba music is polyrythmic, meaning that there are layers of separate rhythms that overlap and create a hot, bumpin’ tapestry of sound.

And when you dance Samba, your body literally PLAYS the different parts of the music:

Your feet play the bass, your hips play the ride, and your shoulders play the shaker.

How to Samba DanceSo learning to play an orchestra of music with your body (a.k.a., dancing Samba), takes 3 essential ingredients: playfulness, patience, and persistence.

You can not learn to dance Samba with your MIND. It’s just not a rational activity–playing an entire orchestra of music with your body!

So HOW do you learn to Samba dance? Through PLAY.

And many people try to learn Samba as a complicated foot dance…or sometimes as a bouncy dance move, hopping from one foot to the other much like the American Pony step from the 50’s…

Well, truly the key to dancing Samba is understanding that with Latin and African-based dance, including Samba…the dance movements actually come from your hips…and learning how to dance with the very Pleasure Center of your body!

So how exactly do you Samba with the Pleasure Center of your body?

Here’s how it works:

1. You simply need to bend your knees when you dance…and dance from a “seated position”… 

Don’t worry, this is actually super simple…you can stand up and try it now!

Just simply bend your knees and feel like your back is sliding straight down a wall about 6 inches. Now this is the position to dance in! 

Because when you bend your knees, and dance in this seated position, you’re going to be able to get the maximum amount of movement from your hips!


2. Now Samba dance is poly-rythmic movement to poly-rhythmic music…

get-a-flat-stomach-with-dancing-300x185Meaning that a different part of your body plays a different element of the music. 

Your feet play the bass, your hips play the ride, and your shoulders play the shaker.

So as you tap your feet to the bass of the rhythm, you need to engage your inner thighs, and move your hips diagonally back as you step.

When you feel your inner thighs working, and your hips moving as you step to the bass, then you will understand how to dance with what I like to call the “Pleasure Center” of your body…


3. And third, in order to get the full joyful thrill of dancing Samba, you need to “free your booty” when you dance…

And let your booty freely shake around as you work your hips and inner thigh to the hot Brazilian beats.

Now most people tend to squeeze their butt muscles when they stand and walk, so “freeing your booty” can take some practice.

But basically you just need to release the muscles in your booty while you’re bending your knees and engaging your inner thighs…

So right now, try standing up, bending your knees about 6 inches, and then from here…

Try squeezing your butt muscles and then completely letting them go! 

Now your booty is free to shake around back there! Excellent!

Listen it can take some time to make a new connection with these muscles, because you can get in a habit of sitting on your booty a lot…

And with a little practice…when you bend your knees when you dance, work your hips to the music, and effortlessly shake what your momma gave you…

All the other dancers in the class or club will turn to you and ask: 

How’d you learn to shake your hips and booty like that? :)

Skip the frustration and get right into playfulness. With my dance students I have seen that this is a much faster and more fun route.

Check out my dance program…How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days…and my special bonus DVD…How to Samba!

In my “How to Samba Dance” video, I give you all of the tools you need for a solid foundation:

  • feeling the heartbeat of the rhythm in your feet,
  • bending your knees,
  • working your hips, and feeling the movement come from your hips,
  • engaging your inner thighs, feeling like you are squeezing them,
  • and freeing your booty and letting everything else shake around back there!

And enjoy celebrating your beauty and shining bright with the beautiful, playful spirit of Brazilian Samba dance!

Samba Showgirl, Theresa StevensIn dance & happiness,

Theresa Stevens

Samba Dancer & Teacher

and Creator of the How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! Dance program


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