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Hi there–

So where can you take all of your new hip & booty shaking skills with my Dance Program?

Well, you can have more fun dancing and begin experimenting and creating your own moves when you Dance!

And so many people love the way I teach Samba dance. Now I am not Brazilian myself, but I am a great teacher who knows how to break it down and create success with my dance students–on-line and in person…

And I’m a musician who understands how the Dance and the Music link together…and someone who has leaned Brazilian Dance as a complete beginner to now being a Booty Shaking Samba-dancing star.

Ok, so here’s a little video of me Dancing and Drumming with one of my performance groups in Santa Cruz, California: Samba Stilt Circus.



We were performing at the Decompression party in San Francisco–the big after party for the Burningman art and music festival that takes place in the Nevada desert.

Now I love playing the big Brazilian bass drum. You wear this drum on your hips and it has a deep booming sound and deep vibration. Let’s just say that it is very pleasurable to play! ;)

The word “surdo” means “deaf” in Portugese, referring to the fact that the bass is so low, you FEEL it in your Body even more than you hear it with your ears.


So, as much as I love to hit the drum with our marching drum core, called in Portugese a batteria…I also love to take off my drum and bust a hot Dance Solo!

And invite other people to come dance and shake everything their momma gave them in the middle of the Drum & Dance circle.

And as you can see, when the Dancing heats up…it makes the Drummers play harder!

samba reggae danceThat’s Mike Birmingham, one of my best friends that I’ve played music with for over 14 years, playing the lead hand drum called the Timba (pronounced cheem-bah).

This rhythm that we’re playing is pretty much my favorite–Samba Reggae!

To get your Brazilian Portuguese flair going, Samba Reggae is pronounced Sahm-bah Heh-gee.

Now I LOVE Samba Reggae because the Bass part is very rolling and hard hitting, and if you’re standing anywhere in the vicinity, you can not HELP but start smiling and moving your body to the music too! Samba Reggae is a completely JOYFUL rhythm.

What is Samba Dance

And, Samba Reggae is also very political!

To me, Samba Reggae is about freedom, equality, and understanding that you are indeed a powerful and beautiful person.

And that no one but yourself can create that for you…

And that understanding your power and beauty is key to transforming the politics of the world around you.

Many batterias in Salvador, Brazil, the birthplace of Samba Reggae, have helped create incredible change in the lives of many women, men, children, and teenagers…and in the very political rights and systems of Brazil…and this change ripples outwards and effects the courage and freedom of people all over the world.

I personally love the statue of Jesus in Rio. Have you ever seen a picture or been there yourself?

To me it is a majestic symbol of the beauty, strength, and joy that Brazil sends outwards to the world.

And I am thrilled to be a part of it, by sharing my love of Dancing with you!

If you would like to learn how to shake your hips and booty and get all of the Pleasure & Joy of Dancing Samba, I would love to invite you to check out my dance program!

And connect with your power and joy when you shake it!

Because I believe when we are in our pleasure and joy we are our most powerful. And this world needs more powerful, creative people!

To learn how to shake your hips and booty and step into Confidence & Pleasure with your body…check out my fun Dance Program!


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In dance & happiness,

Theresa Stevens

Samba Dancer & Teacher

and Creator of the How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! Dance Program




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